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Took me a while to figure out I had to hit the purple octogon to progress. I initialy though you had to hit the traingles to gain points. (this was fun though lot more challenging)  

so sad such a great game is abandoned

Hey, interesting concept! BTW I'm working on a beat mapper app for music-based games. It's called MBOY Editor ( Do you want to try it for your game? Vic


Such a great game! Wish there was more to it though. Seeing as the last update was 2 years ago, I don't think there will be...

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It's 2023 now, 2 years passed from the last update? I can't wait for the next! Please update it because this game is SO AMAZING!!

My ideas:

-It would be better if there was a pause button.

-And please add more levels ofc lmao


Great game concept! The one major difficulty is seeing the upcoming attacks/moves. Would be great if they were more obvious to look at periphally. Great game nonetheless!



Hello ambrits, we would like to invite this game for Festival ECRÃ, is there an email we could get in touch?

it doesn't let me play it says its corrupted.
anyone know how to fix this?

Very fun

As others have said, the tutorial needs some work, but it only took me a couple minutes to get it down. The edges are incredibly annoying, but not necessarily in a bad way. Possibly instead of damaging you it bounces you with ~1.5* the power of a kick? Or maybe a blue powerup that does that for you?

The powerups are cool, but the one that adds cymbals hurts to look at. Possibly tone it down or make it an outline?

Music is good! Adding more instruments might be interesting, but only in later levels.

Probably add more levels...

A ranged enemy that fires a slow moving bullet?

The bullet might be destroyable w/ laser?

Other than that great game!

Hope this was helpful!

- Knee Remover/Thief/Destroyer

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2 words

super. fun.

could use a pause button tho

I haven't finished the tutorial yet, but I noticed that I have some trouble with moving the mouse in the way that's necessary for playing this game. Could you please add controller support and map the rotation to one of the sticks? I think that might solve my problem.

It's fun and the music sounds good. I just wish the beats on the bottom of the screen lined up with the music so I'd know what's going to happen without memorizing the beat by dying a bunch of time first.


This game is really fun. I love the concept. Took me a while to figure out the flying triangles are bad guys and you're supposed to hit the big hexagon, The tutorial needs some work.


Great game, great music and great graphics.

I have a few suggestions I though of:

1. Maybe add a settings menu, with a difficulty setting.

2. a pause menu

3. the menus could use a little bit of work, Ex: music sounds like it's coming from farther away.

4. Some skins for the attacks and shield would definitely be interesting, but of course they would be free, or easy to obtain and they only change the colors of the effects, just so the game can be a little more personalized while keeping the simple, already existing game style.

Hope all of this isn't too much, do remember I really like this game.

i second the pause and skin

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Hi There! 

This game is amazing and has A LOT of potential. 

Although I do have some "problems" from the game itself.

Now don't get me wrong, the game is absolutely fantastic but there are some couple of things that may help the game. I would like to point out that I am no game developer myself but a music composer so things that I'll suggest are only things as a PLAYER would notice and not from a professional point of view. 

  • Difficulty of levels are difficult. 
    • There would be some parts of the game where it would be merely impossible to dodge because of the obstacles thrown at you. (especially from that one level that the enemy follows you) 
  • The interface is a bit... bland. 
    • One of the most important parts of the game is graphics. I understand that the game itself is still in fuctions before vision testing type of phase but I just wanted to clear that one out.
  • The buffs were... OP
    • I usually won't complain about buffs being OP especially with the said difficulty for this game but if the difficulty gets fixed, you know what to do. 

These are just things I noticed during gameplay testing. I also would like to point out that the music was a little bit repetitive from a music composer perspective but very great in my opinion. 

This game has a creative concept and for being a free product, I would say this is decent. 

As I've said before, this game has a lot of potential and all in all. 

I  L O V E  T H I S  G A M E! 



Hi, I tried out the game and just wanted to say I really liked the concept, The only real critsism I have is the laser sometimes goes through the triangles. The controls are a bit finnicky too, but I guess that's the point. Either way though, the game is really cool, and I hope you continue developing it, you could do a lot with this game. (And btw, I didn't really care about the stuff I critisized, I just mentioned it to give feedback, for me, the game was still a lot of fun anyways)

Thank you!:)

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looks fun but the UI is broken on a 21:9 screen (not a big issue but it's my only monitor)

mediocre game but what the hell are those hitboxes i hit them right in the middle and it just goes through

Very interesting concept. Although sometimes it feels a bit unbalanced on both sides - in a sense that the enemies are swarming to a point of being unable to clear and/or dodge, but you have full heals and bonkers AoE buffs dropping left and right. So completing the game for me came down to imperfectly dodging around while clearing SOME mobs, then picking up yellow orbs and hard-focusing the boss while everything else dies, all the while relying on green orbs to fix up to 4 of my mistakes/unavoidable damage instances. But the core concept of the game is done very well and the music slaps. This can grow to be even more amazing, but as a free product is already really nice.

Thanks for the nice words and also for the feedback! Yeah, I’m still expereimenting with the difficulty and the enemy generation and how the buffs should drop, your feedback on that is really useful!

its great but i keep dying randomly especially on the endless levels. by that i mean dying with full health

I think that’s beacuse the boss timer runs out. I shoudl make that clearer then. Or change that feature, I’m not sure yet.




the rythm of the jam edition is better


i wish you added back the one level where you could make your own beat. that was really fun lol

Thanks! It will be back sooner or later and even more customization options.


Hello guys, I have no words to describe your game except O-H  M-Y  G-O-D! it's fantastic! 

You guys managed to reinvent how to move around in a game! Man, this is too crazy !!!

I was dumbfounded by the mechanics of the game, it's just amazing!

The game is perfect! I just missed a "pause" button on it. 

Have you ever thought about working this mechanic for a knect device?

That would be out of this world!

I am really happy to have known this game!


The walls are so annoying! I lose half my health before it even starts lol. Mabye make it so the walls do less damage? Or two seperate health bars, one for walls and one for the shapes.


It's incredibly fun, but also very hard. I would like to have an option to remove taking damage via hitting the walls, as well as add some invincibility frames. Other than that, I love this game. Very cool.


only two things of real bad note for me:
- since invincibility can go through enemies and damage has a small pop out, the player can keep popping out inside of an enemy and just get trapped. not a big deal in normal play, but i'm trying to speedrun, which means not killing enemies, and from there you get the idea.
- escape button. i personally kept pressing escape at first to pause the game to reset (obviously not the controls but i'm used to osu), and i got annoyed pretty quickly when it just closed the game.

otherwise, clean concept. unique, well thought out, and well executed.

very fun!


Really, really cool concept, just have some gripes. My main cause of death in this game is me rapidly bouncing between the walls and an enemy which melts my HP, so having a couple of invincibility frames right after taking damage would be nice. Another thing is to make the beat markers larger, as a tiny thing on the bottom of the screen just makes it hard to focus

wah ?!?


Really cool concept for a game, but there's a couple things which prevent me from enjoying it. The main one is that the incoming snares and kicks are too small and similar for me to tell which is which without taking my attention away from the action. It would help if they were bigger, colored differently, shaped differently, etc. It's also extremely frustrating that there's little to no invincibility frames after being hit, meaning you can take damage multiple times from hitting a triangle just once, or bounce in between multiple of them, or between one of them and an edge of the screen. There's also some small things, such as how the yellow powerup takes too long to start, and how sometimes the amount of triangles can be overwhelming with how the movement system works, but that's really it


The game is broken on my PC, it runs but everything is either invisibe or not where it's supposed to be, does anyone have a fix for this?


quick question is there a .deb version?

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You know, this is a great game, I played it since the GMTK Game Jam 2020 version, and, I always liked the idea of combining the instruments, the music, with the game controls, the game itself, is a masterpiece for me, simple controls, great music, runs really fast; the point is that I like it, I could put on my headphones, and let the beat flow all over my system, definitely, one of my favorites...

And, because of that, I decided to make a logo for this game, and the result is:

I must say, it's kinda basic, but it gets the job done.

I already convert it into a .ico file, the link is here (and it's a Google Drive link)


great logo


Thanks so much for doing a linux build!


Thank you for playing! Hope everything is alright with the linux build


hey, can someone tell me, what's the font of the title, please

Also, I enjoyed the game, the idea is just, great

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The font is lazer84



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