Post-jam update is out!

Laserwave post-jam version is out now on Windows! After the success in the GMTK jam 2020 I was working on the game a bit more to give you the experience I originally wanted to achieve in the jam.

What’s new?

  • 2 more levels!

The game is extended with one easier level for a better learning curve and with one harder one for the challenge. Level 3 also includes a… (drum roll)…

  • Beat recorder!

You can record your own loop which will be played at the end of each section. Whether you create a sick music piece or a hard-hitting machinegun attack – it’s your choice! See it in action:

The beat recorder

Your beats in action

  • Bug fixes!

    • You can no longer leave the screen (and even if you somehow manage to do it, you will be teleported back to the middle)
    • Boss won’t stay white after hitting it twice really fast
  • Also some additional polish…

    • Added a simple tutorial screen
    • Intro music
    • New fancy crosshair
    • Player death effect

Other platforms?

Linux and macOS builds exist but they are not tested yet. I’ll release them as soon as I’m confident about them. In the browser version I experience serious audio sync problems so I don’t think I’ll put more energy into that.

The future

With the post-jam version finished I think I will start to work on a full release of this game. I have some ideas, more challenges with more music. I work on Laserwave alone in my free time so don’t expect any major updates too soon. I’ll try my best though and we’ll see how it goes! :)

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Laserwave (Post-jam version) 24 MB
Aug 05, 2020

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I think this game definitely has potential for full release. If you are interested in a marketing guy willing to help out for free or simply just an additional pair of eyes, send me a private message at @NachoLurRod on Twitter. Nothing shade and I'm not selling anything, I just want to learn and see this game go far lol

is nice

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hey man, I love this game and would love to work on some music for a future version. here are some demos (demo 1 and demo 2 (retro)). the rhythm patterns are linked in the description of each track. it's all origial and doesn't use any loops from anywhere.

you can message me at @mistwinsounds on twitter and i would be very happy to make more music. but do please message me if you are not interested so that i don't have to wonder :)

i also am very comfortable using unity and programming in c#!

thanks and keep working on this awesome concept!