Four personalities, only one body

Made for the GMTK jam 2019 where the theme was "only one". 

In this game one character takes the role the protagonist, the enemy and also the NPCs. All personalities can either move her or react to her position so the hero needs to use forward thinking and the help of the friendly NPCs.

Julie is one of the four personalities of a woman with multiple personality disorder.  After a blackout she realizes that Emily killed somebody and hid the body and the weapon. Julie decides to turn herself in, but she feels that Emily will take over again soon and will get rid of the evidence. She needs to find them first with the help of Anna and Natalie before it's too late.

Character and cover art by Sára Szabó.


JANE v1.0.1 Windows (GMTK jam 2019 version) 20 MB


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I really like the concept. It's bursting with originality.

The game needs some post-jam work.

-After a while the game becomes a grind between healing and trying to move to the rooms you know the body and the weapon are.

-I never really felt the need to make Emily skip a turn (which is a shame). Perhaps if Emily worked on scaring Anna or Natalie so you couldn't heal all the time you'd have to think about trying to stop her from doing that.

-It feels like Anna always throws you into the bathroom first.

-at a glance the game would look nicer if the background was the same color as the background on portraits or if the portraits had some kind of distinction for the borders

-if you just colorized the personalities/portraits it would work toward making personas feel different at first glance.

-It would be cool if there were more levels post jam (I'd play this game)


Fascinating concept, great interpretation of the the theme! The UI made things a little hard to understand at first, but I really enjoyed this overall. My only big complaint is that it seems impossible to lose as long as you heal constantly.